We are Axie Infinity – a nation of missionaries spreading digital property rights to the world through gaming. Our nation is called Lunacia.

Five years ago, we set forth on a quest to empower gamers with ownership of their in-game assets. Today, we expand our vision to the physical world with our latest merch collections.

At Axie Infinity, our #1 priority is community. We strive to give each and every Lunacian infinite ways to express themselves and connect with each other – both on and offline.

Join our movement today and discover what it means to change the world through gaming. We’re just getting started. 🤌


AxieCon Collection

Exclusive apparel from the first-ever AxieCon in Barcelona, Spain.

OG T-Shirts

Essential casual wear for Lunacians who were here from the beginning.

Collectible Toys

Rare, sealed memorabilia.

Axie Plushies

The perfect gift for Lunacians of today – and tomorrow.